Sampling and chemical dosign system

Advice, design & delivery of all equipment related to: Online Monitoring & Quality Control of chemical parameters in the steam/water cycles of thermal power plants and boiler houses. Since its establishment in 1989 Watcon has developed into a reputed specialist in the design and manufacturing of sample conditioning and analysis systems for steam/water circuits in power plants and other processes. Continuous online monitoring of chemical parameters in steam/water circuits and industrial processes is of vital importance for an efficient operation and plants’ longevity. By sampling and analyzing at strategically chosen points in the process optimal conditions can be kept to avoid corrosion and the formation of harmful impurities.Simple or complex, each delivery will meet your specific technical and safety demands. From a single sample cooler to complete analyzer houses equipped with chemical dosing systems, HVAC and laboratory equipment.WatconExmpl. - kopie











  • Advice and budget prices on short notice.
  • Technical specification for sampling systems.
  • Maintenance schedule and method for sampling and analysis systems.
  • Design and engineering of specialties in chemical monitoring of processes.
  • Design, engineering and delivery of specials of coil in shell coolers.
  • On site erection of sampling systems, including sample extraction probes and interconnecting sample lines.
  • Complete commissioning and field tests of sampling and analysis systems.
  • On site training of client’s staff.
E-mail or telephone help line.
  • During erection, commissioning and other stages.
  • Contracts for consumables, spares and comprehensive maintenance on site.
  • Trouble shooting and renovation for existing systems.


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