About Us

Naftarya B.V

Naftarya is a Dutch trade company in the power plant industry.

Our five ( 5) main services including

  1. Giving advise and consultancy about all type of valves, control valves, Pressure safety valves, special valves of the all areas within the power plant industry ( Gas turbine, Boiler, steam turbine, auxiliary and balance of plant)
  2. Giving advise and consultancy aboutĀ feed water boiler pumps, Fire fighting pumps
  3. Giving advise and consultancy aboutĀ gas and fuel skid mounted filters, Gas compressors
  4. Giving advise and consultancy about Sampling system and chemical dosing system
  5. Project management of developing new products for different clients in Power plant industry

A team of professionals passionate about all aspects of valve industry in power plant, we believe in developing expertise through specialization, training, and mentorship. Our power is our network and communications between the suppliers and client. Both parties are always in the center of our business.

Specialization has kept our company cost and time effective by producing applicable and executable results. Our accountability to Business development in power plant is guaranteed. We support the client and manufactures by giving them the experience and knowledge through the project stages. From promotion, technical offer , commercial offer till delivery the project, we will be present and help client and manufacture.

Any question about our services, just fill below form and sign it to us. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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