Material Engineering


The following activities are being performed for the aforementioned equipment:

  • Material Selection
  • Project document generation (MR, data sheets, PMS, other specifications such as pipe, fitting, valves,…)
  • Specifying valve details such as material, standard, construction details, … For different process conditions
  • Vendor document checking such as offers, fabrication drawing, procedures, …
  • Piping calcualtions such as wall thickness, branch table, blind and spacer thickness, corrosion allowance,…
  • Welding filler metal selection and weight estimation
  • Piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID) development and mechanization in cooperation with process department.
  • Line list preparation
  • Resolving the technical queries, raised during manufacturing, after manufacturing and during construction at field.
  • Preparation of required data and endorsements for project proposals
  • Piping material balance
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