About Naftarya

NaftArya  has registered as a Dutch Engineering advise company on February 2015 with Kvk Number: 62650467.Picture1
Our fields of expertise include Oil, Gas, Power plant, Petrochemical, Chemical, Water and Food industries.
A team of professionals passionate about all aspects of Business Development, Plant Design and engineering, we believe in developing expertise through specialization, training, and mentorship. We have developed a team of leading Business, Plant Design and engineering consultants. Specialization has kept our company cost and time effective by producing applicable and executable results. Our accountability in our Business Consultancy  and Plant design team by the best developers and Plant Designers/Engineers is guaranteed. We support the client by giving them the experience and knowledge through the project stages.

Our Control Project Panel (CPP) scan list will make us and our client far from delays. Within our CPP Scan list, we and our client will be able to monitor and scan all activities within the project. Our CPP scan list make clear communications between different parties in project. CPP Scan list also repair all miscommunications, decrease all cost of project and deliver documents on Time to client. Within our company are two professionals teams active and both are equipped to Our CPP Scan list: (1. Engineering and Procurement team 2.Business Development team)

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