Project Tenders

Item Main Points Description
1 Client Info –        Land: 100 Hectare

–        Staff: 2000

–        Factories: Flour,Spagetti ,Fructose,Glucose

–        Plant:waste water treatment

–        Experience : around 30 years

–        Access to the Air Corridor

2 Scope Joint Venture ( Co- Production and Co-Operation) in Iran
3 Purpose To Obtain Competitive advantages and complete product portfolio for Client research Industrial Group according to all the Facilities and Abilities and Exporting Min 20% of Foreign Brands to other Countries and Identifying innovated products
4 Future products


Name                                                   Tons/Litre(Yearly) and Min

1.      oils 720,000
2.      Dairy 862,000
3.      Chocolate 300,000
4.      children food(Cereal, Soya Been,Fruit,Vegetables – Based Children’s food) 150,000
5.      Enzymes used in food industry 6,000
6.      Bakery


7.      Beverages




5 Last Sale Report These are our New Projects
6 Market Report For Pasta,Flour:Leader of Iran market ( 60% of Domestic Market is in Client hand)
7 Scale of Investment According to Agreement ( No Limitation)
8 Project Priorities –        Bakery

–        Beverages

–        Candy, Chocolate, Cocoa

–        Children’s Foods

–        Dairy Products

–        Food Oils

–        Different type of Pasta

–        Cereals, Barely, Maize Products

–        Sanitary and Cellulose

–        Packaging

9 Financing Non Cash Brought by Client:

·        Licenses and Permissions

·        Resources

·        Private railway Station

·        Private warehouse for Custom formalities

·        Glucose, Fructose,

·        Waste water treatment,

·        Flour

·        Grain (Wheat, Corn)

·        Land

·        Local Brand

·        Experienced Workforce

·        Distributing Network

·        Procurement Network ( Transportation Co.,)

·        Grains Storage Silos in Northern and Southern Ports of Iran

10 Expectations from foreign counterparts –        Know –How and Technology

–        Machinery and Equipment

–        Experience

–        Percent of shares : Negotiable

11 Main Markets for Activity –        Iran domestic Market

–        Iran Neighboring Countries

–        Other countries: can be negotiable

12 Guarantees –        Any foreign investment and funds will guarantee by FDI organization

–        Any suggestion about guarantee should study and analyzed























Iran Information –        Iran Population : 70.500.000

–        Total Population including neighboring countries : 400.000.000

–        The percentage of young people : 70%

–        Weather : Iran has a variable climate. In the northwest, winters are cold with heavy snowfall and subfreezing temperatures during December and January. Spring and fall are relatively mild, while summers are dry and hot. In the south, winters are mild and the summers are very hot, having average daily temperatures in July exceeding 38 °C (100.4 °F). On the Khuzestan Plain, summer heat is accompanied by high humidity.

–        Geography: Geographically, Iran is located in West Asia and borders the Caspian Sea,Persian Gulf, and Gulf of Oman. Its mountains have helped to shape both the political and the economic history of the country for several centuries. The mountains enclose several broad basins, or plateaus, on which major agricultural and urban settlements are located. Until the 20th century, when major highways and railroads were constructed through the mountains to connect the population centers, these basins tended to be relatively isolated from one another.

–        GDP by sector : agriculture (9.1%), industry (40.7%), services (50.3%) (2014 est.)

14 Iran Map

Nieuwe bitmapafbeelding

Our Client with 30 years of success and effective presence of its founder in the field of food industry could work in different parts of food production as a totally strong, scientific and systematic company. He is handled as a Holding Company with a Chain Structure.

The group is one of the largest and most efficient industrial complexes in national and international areas of food industry which its main slogan is “providing top food and a sufficient meal by world-class quality”. To achieving this slogan, Our Client had to follow the deep understanding of consumers’ needs and recognize their food culture by new technology, specialist human resources and recent sciences.

The main objective of Our client is, becoming a holding company in food industry which in are some educational-industrial companies, such as; Macaron ,  semolina, Flour, fructose, Tarabar (transporting company), Distribution Centre,  Research Center and Applied University. Our client is known as the largest manufacturer of different flour specially semolina flour and pasta producer in Asia. In this group, we have tried a lot to provide a great supply chain, a scientific network, which is based on global pioneer patterns. He also considers to the customers’ needs by world-class quality. He was able to obtain about 60 percent of the domestic market by a great supply chain and it’s the largest exporter of pasta in Asia and Africa, too.

Due to the various capabilities of Our client in the different fields of raw material supplying, world-class production, integrated distribution network and efficient management in domestic and foreign markets has desire to cooperate with the top food brand companies, in variety of fields such joint venture (Co-operations and Co-production) in Iran .

If you are interesting to work with each other in Iran, Please fill the form and send with your company profile and catalogues to us.

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