Partnership Instruction

To become as our Partner in Iran or Netherland , you just need to :

  1. Send your Inquiry and some advised documents as attachment to us. These documents are strongly requested to introduce your company in vendor list or partnerships list of clients, manufactures.
    •  Organizational chart
    •  Certificates of Quality Systems
    •  License agreements
    •  Satisfaction letter from your previous clients
    • Registration letter in other clients AVL.
    • Achieved certificates and Standards
    • International Standards Which Are Followed In Production
    • Sample of MTC & Test report
    •  Latest company/ Product/ Services catalogue
    • Sub suppliers list
    • Quality control internal procedure
  2. We will review your inquiry and documents as soon as we receive them from you in our both offices (Tehran-Arnhem).
  3. After a semi-feasibility study about your documents ,we will contact you to meet and know more about each other.
  4. We will sign an Agency letter which means Naftarya-engineering group is your official partner in Iran or Netherlands.
  5. Our partnership will start as we receive Agency letter from you without charging any cost.
  6. Our major activities and  responsibilities as your agency are specified at our services package no.5 but is not limited.
** Please click on  Supplier information  , print this form, fill it and send it with right attachments within below form**
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