Piping and Plant Design

Piping and Plant Design Workshop I

For each person who wants to involve in Engineering world as a Designer or Engineer, I offer a full practices Course of Piping and plant design.
In these 20 weeks we will practice and learn with each other most common and Important jobs within Piping and Plant Design which you need to know if you wanna work in any Engineering  and Consultant Company.
I have done this job for almost 16 years in different International company and countries and now want to share with you all my knowledge which should be updated every day because Piping and Plant Design is an expert which grow every day with every Plant and Technology.
We will practice a simple project from start till creating drawings and Reports.
We will learn about Standards, Specifications, Material selection, Equipment and their related subjected due to Piping and Plant design,Instrumentation, Piping felexibility and supporting , creating 2d and 3d drawings and finally man hour Estimating for our project.
The cost of every Les will be shared between Participants. How More we are How less we pay.!! Lets Try it. Its Possible! 

Work Possibilities:

In every Consultant Contractor Engineering company (Onshore/Offshore) which is busy in Oil, Gas, Power plant, Food, Petrochemical, Chemical and Pharmacy as Piping Engineer/Piping Designer. You can develop yourself till Senior Piping and plant Designer/Engineer and
also you can work as Project Engineer and Project Management after getting more experiences in many projects. (You need maybe extra certificate or degree in MBA or Bedrijfsdeskundige for Project management position)

Good news:

After finishing this course, you will be on the reserve list of Naftarya-Engineering Group (as Junior Piping and plant designer) to participate with other designers in different future projects.

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